MN Custody

In Minnesota dissolution or parentage actions, parents, attorneys, and courts work to craft a parenting plan that is in the children’s best interests. Your parenting plan will address a variety of issues, including where your children live, the amount of time each of you will have with the children, when and where exchanges will occur, and how the parties will handle unforeseen events and special occasions.  Minnesota custody determinations presume each parent will have parenting time of at least  25% of the overnights with their children.  While no parenting plan can account for every possibility, we try our best to provide solutions for many of the most common events that may occur.

Minnesota courts will address not only physical custody, but also how the parents make decisions about the children, what is commonly known as legal custody. Some of these legal custody rights are found in statutes, while others are common sense and are designed to encourage cooperation between the parents, even if they are apart.  Minnesota also will consider the parties’ ability to cooperate for the children’s sake when determining legal custody. 

Conflicts like these can be stressful and often involve hard decisions.  Our attorneys are skilled at handling these conflicts and easing your stress.  We are parents and step-parents first and attorneys second.

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